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“When we bring images from dreams, movement, visualizations, drawing, or other forms of creative expression into consciousness in our bodies, we can experience the transformative power of the subtle body” (Marion Woodman).

If you are ready to engage with your dreams call me today at (415) 300-7922, so we can begin the process of inviting and welcoming the guests as images and symbols beckoning to you from the dream world of the psyche.

dreamwork & Depth psychotherapy

As a depth psychotherapist, I welcome inner work and dreamwork. My caring attention to the inner world and interiority entails going more deeply into things, especially your affective and imaginal world, such as your dreams, fantasies, visionary experiences, and so on. When we attend to our affective life, we honor our feelings and emotions, even raw emotions. The societal trend is to dismiss or depreciate feelings and emotions, especially those labelled as negative, such as sadness, depressed mood, hate, fears, and anxiety. The price we pay for denying or avoiding our negative feelings is the loss of an ability to experience the positive ones, such as joy, happiness, and satisfaction. The same thing happens when we dwell too much on our negative feelings. Getting in touch with our affect, along with engaging with our dreams, has a lot to do with acknowledging and reconnecting with our soul and recovering a lost part of our self.

Dream work is a major component of depth psychotherapy. My belief is that all dreams have significance whether they are small, big, or archetypal ones, so all of your dreams are welcomed. Besides engaging in dreamwork in individual psychotherapy, I lead and facilitate dream groups, as well as other specialty groups that address loss and grief and mood. In all groups, I pay special attention to affective and imaginal material presented by group members. Thus, you and your soul's expressions are welcomed and honored, which allows for soul-making within yourself and with others in the group and in your life.

“But in dreams we pass into that deeper and more universal, truer and eternal man who still stands in the dusk of original night, in which he himself was still the whole and the whole was in him, in blind, undifferentiated, pure nature, free from the shackles of the ego. From these all-uniting depths rises the dream, however childish, grotesque, or immoral” (Carl Gustav Jung, 1934).

Besides the options of talk therapy and dreamwork, I invite and welcome your preferred or spontaneous modes of expression, which we will explore together. In my work as a depth psychotherapist, I pay special attention to your unique needs and idiosyncrasies, encouraging expressivity and engaging with you through various imaginal media, including drawing, painting, writing, journaling, poetry, and so on. I also make use of active imagination to explore images and symbols, enhance your inner work, and penetrate the depths. I give careful consideration to archetypal patterns, feminine values and feeling, and the reality of the psyche; thus, relevance is given to your dreams, fantasy, imagination, images, and subjective phenomena. My caring focus is on your soul and on soul-making.