Nerina M. Cecchin, PhD, LMFT                                                             (415) 300-7922



Hello. Welcome to my website. I am a licensed marriage and family therapist, and my fees are based on a sliding scale. I offer counseling and brief and long-term treatment to individuals, including children, adolescents, and adults, as well as couples and families. I also offer groups of various kinds. If you are in pain and distress due to relationship difficulties, the loss of a loved one, trauma, abuse, a life transition, or depression and anxiety, and you are seeking relief and willing to make some change, I believe I can help you.

We all experience times of darkness in our lives, when we feel alone, disoriented, and just can't go on—nobody and nothing seem to help. If you are willing to trust and desiring to change, I can be there for you as a companion, while you explore and understand what might be holding you back and what dormant, hidden potentials may help to lead you forward, allowing you to re-imagine and re-create a productive and fulfilling life for yourself. My fulfillment derives from witnessing your transformation and the realization of the soulful life you are meant to live.

“The mind is a series of images in the widest sense, not an accidental juxtaposition or sequence, but a structure that is throughout full of meaning and purpose; it is a picturing of vital activities. And just as the material of the body that is ready for life has need of the psyche in order to be capable of life, so the psyche presupposes the living body in order that its images may live” (Carl Gustav Jung, 1931)