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Have you recently experienced the death of a loved one or friend? Are you grieving over the recent separation or divorce from a loved one? Are you experiencing grief over the loss of your independence, physical functioning, or identity due to an accident, illness, aging, or other life circumstances? Have you experienced a setback with considerable loss, perhaps the loss of a dream, causing you grief? Are other people around you telling you to get over it and move on? It is easier said than done to follow such advice when given by friends, family members, peers, and colleagues.

Are you are in need of sharing your experience of loss, along with expressing your pain and suffering? I can be there for you to support you, if you are willing to trust me and allow me to be your companion while you walk through the darkness of grief back into the light of life.

Call me today at (415) 300-7922 to set up an appointment, so I can offer you my support during this time when you are in need of sharing your experience and expressing your grief about your loss.

“As for our losses and gains, we have seen how often they are inextricably mixed. There is plenty we have to give up in order to grow. For we cannot deeply love anything without becoming vulnerable to loss. And we cannot become separate people, responsible people, connected people, reflective people without some losing and leaving and letting go” (Judith Viorst, 1986).

Loss is a difficult and major component of our lives as human beings. Throughout life, we all experience losses in many different ways, shapes, and forms; however, the grieving process is unique and different for each person. I firmly believe that individual differences and timing in the grieving process need to be respected and honored. The modern societal trend is to deny, ignore, or dismiss the pain and suffering we as grieving individuals experience following the loss of a loved one, a way of life, or a dream. This is the sad reality of the world we live in today, where our emotions and feelings are not given their proper place and importance.

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