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Relationship difficulties are usually a component of transitions, especially when we enter new environments and interact with unknown people and new colleagues and peers. Relationship difficulties may become generalized, with fear and anxiety being experienced with everyone and everywhere, such as at school, work, and social gatherings, making us feel isolated, insecure, and lonely in the midst of others.

A  transitional phase can be overwhelming, with feelings and emotions getting in the way of our ability to explore possibilities and make the best decisions and choices for ourselves. Can you relate to any of the situations I have described above? Are you feeling overwhelmed, confused, depressed, fearful, or anxious about changes that have taken place or are about to take place in your life? If you are seeking support and are willing to trust the process, I can be there for you as a guiding companion while you cross the transitional bridge and reach more solid grounding in your life.

Contact me at (415) 300-7922. Let me support you while you explore possibilities and make the important decisions and choices during this transitional phase of your life, affirming your capacity to grow and change.

“The greatest and most important problems in life are all fundamentally insoluble. They must be so, because they express the necessary polarity inherent in every self-regulating system. They can never be solved, but only outgrown” (Carl Gustav Jung, 1929).

With the term life transitions, I am referring to any period when change is taking place in our lives either in a positive or negative direction, often causing some degree of pain and distress. For example, a transitional period may occur after a job loss, as well as with a job promotion, making us feel either depressed or anxious, if not both.

Life transitions take many forms. A decision to move away from home to start a new job or go to college for the first time can initiate a transitional phase. All entry and exits of family members, such as the birth of a newborn child or strivings for independence of a grown child, tend to onset a transitional phase for all family members. A change of career or decision to pursue an education in adulthood can be viewed as a transitional stressor. A midlife crisis can further cause disruption and initiate a phase of transition, because of the feelings and emotions experienced by the individual when nothing seems to work or please us anymore.

 Life Transitions