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As an adult survivor of child abuse or domestic violence, are you currently experiencing the effects and consequences of abuse and trauma in you life? Are these issues getting in the way of you having satisfying relationships? Are they interfering with your ability to hold a fulfilling job or pursue an education? Are you feeling ready to do something constructive about your distress and disturbance to find relief? Are you willing to risk and take the necessary steps toward re-creating and re-imagining a life for yourself, one that is better suited to your needs and desires? If so, I can be there for you while you explore and understand what is holding you back and what hidden, untapped potentials can help to lead you forward, so you may re-imagine and re-create for yourself the life you are meant to live.

“The traumatic experience is not an accident, but the opportunity for which the child has been waiting—had it not occurred, it would have found another, equally trivial—in order to find a necessity and direction for its existence, in order that its life become a serious matter” (W. H. Auden).

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Abuse can take many forms and can be experienced at all ages in the home, school, church, or work environment. Abuse can be emotional, physical, or sexual, and, in many cases, all three forms are experienced simultaneously. Abuse is often cumulative, meaning it occurs repeatedly over short or long periods of time, which tends to have more severe consequences, leaving indelible scars and causing considerable pain and suffering that can negatively affect and influence our lives. It is not uncommon for survivors of abuse to be traumatized, depressed, and anxious. Insomnia, nightmares, and suicidal thinking, as well as flashback memories, are also likely to be experienced by survivors of abuse and trauma. Self-medication with alcohol and substances is a method frequently used by survivors to manage their emotions and feelings, only making things worse in the long run because of the attempts to bypass the source of the problem.

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